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5 Must-Have SaaS Tools For Seamless Team Collaboration

Over the years, more apps and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tools have been created for different functions of a small business. It also helps business owners to successfully manage virtual teams. Whatever function that has to be done, there is a high probability that a SaaS can help you out. Whether it be an app or a cloud-based service, it will be available for you.
In fact, with too many options serve on a silver platter, business owners get too overwhelmed and so they fail to recognize the best one for their needs. Add to that, they fail to take advantage of the productivity and profitability of SaaS.
If your company has a team dedicated to research and development, you need apps and SaaS to enable your team to share ideas and bounce off each other’s input.

Popular team collaboration tools.

    Slack – This app lets your team collaborate and use other software platforms effectively. Whether they are outside of the office or located in different offices, Slack can help them get connected and finish the job together.
    RealtimeBoard – You can consider this as a virtual whiteboard upgraded to meet every brainstorming needs. Your tradition brainstorming tools are now combined into one to supercharge your online collaboration with templates, icons, and Google Drive integration.
    Workplace by Facebook – Facebook is now more than just your typical social media platform. With too many businesses using Facebook to grow their business, Workplace has been born to help them integrate various tools such as your beloved DropBox.
    Calendly – Helps you keep your calendar in check as well as your team for collaborative meetings. You don’t have to send multiple emails just to ask everyone on your team for their preferred date to meet up. Imagine if your team is in the different parts of the globe. With this app, you can simply send 1 email with a link that directs them to your calendar. From there they can choose the date and time conveniently.
    Basecamp – Having a team means that your staff could be clattered in emails, chat threads and docs. This makes things easy to miss and could lead to extra work, emergencies and communication gap. Basecamp is software. It has a message board where every message is recorded and you can back to it at a later time. To-Do section lets you assign work and see what was done and which are still in progress. It also keeps the calendar, schedules, and docs for the project you are working on.

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