My Idea of The Brand New Android Phone

Android originates to date, yet we’re missing a lot. Not when it comes to the other OS’s have versus what we should have, just when it comes to what might make our OS better still, what Google needs to pay attention to. Let us have a much deeper take a look at all people are whining about and just how we are able to have it. Messaging, Google Apps, and Play Store. Integration and Multitasking… allow me to take your breath away.

Things I find most fascinating is the fact that OEM’s like Samsung curently have native group messaging implemented to their messaging client. Nonetheless they are only able to go to date with Android. Many of us are awaiting Google to integrate all of their messaging services into one. Google Talk, Voice, Regular SMS, Google  each one of these service ought to be built-into each other. The messaging client ought to be very neat and simple similar to their latest SMS Application “Messaging.” It might be also an additional benefit when we could decided on a theme also, not only to Messaging but all Google Apps. Allow the user chose rather they like the sunshine or dark form of Holo.

Next, Messaging should support group messaging, and when they demand to knock away your competition why don’t you support multiple formats and files. Make use of the SMS protocol for SMS only, but within that very same application allow the user have the ability to send files, documents, or perhaps media utilizing a different protocol. (Think Go SMS). Each one of these methods might be labored out inside the same Application maintaining your same interface. Google Drive support could be further integration – Keeping a backup of your messages within the cloud even if you delete them in the phone.

Lastly, a killer feature for his or her SMS client is always to allow the consumer see when their message continues to be read, so when your partner is typing supplying they’re utilizing the same client. When getting a message particularly with Jelly Bean I ought to have the ability to pull lower the notification shade and find out a standing of the ongoing convo and have the ability to reply immediately.

Let us go a step further motion gestures. This can be taking it a little too far however i love how putting the telephone as much as the face using the Universe S3 and Universe Note 2 will instantly call the individual you’re getting a discussion with. A particular gesture or swipe (like Blackberry10) could be awesome, only this could work with any conversations which are ongoing (like Gtalk) that method for you to reply everywhere without having to go into the application.

Google might have the best messaging client, yet Personally i think they’re a little lazy in this region. What can allow it to be perfect could be when we could download this client in the play store so regardless of what Android phone we’ve, the application would be open to us. Obviously in case your running ICS or over.